Welcome to the Grant Creek Trail Project

A valley vision becoming a communitywide reality

Five years ago, a group of concerned Grant Creek residents had a vision for how we could build a public multiuse trail that would connect our valley neighborhoods while keeping pedestrians, bikers and wheelchair users of all ages safe.

The Grant Creek Trails Association (GCTA) was born out of this vision and we have been working steadily with the homeowner associations, landowners, Parks & Recreation planners, engineers, City and County Public Works, Montana Department of Transportation and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to make this commuter and recreation trail a reality.

Welcome to the Grant Creek Trail Project

Happy trails begin in 2012 The proposed 3.3 mile, 8-foot asphalt trail will link the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation nature trail to the Prospect neighborhood, and then wind its way along the west side of Grant Creek Road, eventually connecting to Snowbowl Road. This will allow users to move safely up and down the valley without interference from high-speed vehicle traffic.

Pedestrians and cyclists will be able to access the trail at 13 locations along the route. Grant Creek Road will be clearly marked, striped and equipped with yield and caution signs as recommended by traffic authorities.

The City of Missoula is scheduled to begin construction of the trail that lies within the city limits starting in 2012. The county is scheduled to start its portion of the trail in 2015. The Missoula City Parks & Recreation Department will maintain and manage the entire trail – including snow removal and patrolling – so it can be used year round.

For more specifics, download the Trail Map.

Trail builders needed

Missoula City Parks and Recreation worked closely with GCTA to secure grants and funding from Fish, Wildlife and Parks – Recreational Trails Program (FWP-RTP), the Missoula Open Space Bond and the federal Community Transportation Enhancement Program (CTEP).

Two FWP-RTP grants totalling $32,795 allowed the association to build the section of the trail across from Grant Creek Hills prior to securing CTEP funding. Building this portion of the trail reduced the total construction estimate. GCTA will continue to apply for grants until the entire trail is constructed.

In 2008, the City Council approved expending $170,000 of the Open Space Bond funding toward securing trail easements. Approximately $94,000 of this funding allowed the association to complete preliminary engineering and design, plus cover the legal costs of establishing property easements. The remaining $76,000 is now eligible to be used for matching funds.

CTEP funding requires that a community raise matching funds for eligible projects. In addition to securing grants and other funding, GCTA has begun to solicit the private donations needed to meet the match, and we must complete
fundraising before construction can begin.

Help pave the way

Funds must be raised by February 2012 to meet the bid and review schedules before construction, which is currently scheduled for 2012.

Building the Grant Creek Trail now depends on the investment of valley residents and interested public users. If every Grant Creek household made a minimum donation of just $250 – no more than most annual homeowner association fees – GCTA can easily meet the match required to build the city portion of the trail. However, any donation – large or small – will be greatly appreciated. Your donation is tax deductible because the
GCTA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.Thanks

Once funds are raised for the city portion of the trail, GCTA will continue to raise matching funds for the county portion, which is scheduled to begin construction in the spring of 2015 based upon anticipated CTEP funding.

Any funds raised above what is needed for trail construction matches will be used specifically for trail and trailhead construction, safety and signage.

GCTA & Pacific Steel Recycling

GCTA has established a unique way in which you can support the trail by turning in your recyclables at Pacific Steel Recycling (2600 Latimor St.). Recyclables can only be donated during business hours by driving up to the garage doors, getting your items weighed and designating Grant Creek Trails Association as the recipient of your donation. Aluminum cans, copper and brass have the most value, but appliances, newspaper, copy paper, car bodies and other scrap count as well. When you donate, please don't forget to go into the office where they account for your donation and add it to the Grant Creek Trails Association donations sheet. When a page is full, they will send GCTA a donation check.

Payment processing generously sponsored by: Big Sky Commerce
  $5,000 + $2,500 - $4,999 $1,000 - $2,999 $500 - $999 $250 - $499 up to $249  
Drollinger Family Charitable Foundation
Horejsi Charitable Foundation
Rick & Marcia Reimers
The Schwab Charitable Foundation
Brian & Karen Sippy
Max & Betty Swanson Foundation
Brian Walter
Bill & Kim Birck
Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program
Paul & Maryann Eikens
Jim & Laurie Randall
Anthony Boote & Laura Reed
Roger & Janet Seewald
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Wendell & Barbara Beardsley Roy & Denise Zimmer
Tim Bechtold  
John & Lucy Beighle  
Van & Molly Blakely  
John Boyle  
Laura & Scott Bovard  
Joel & Leah Catherine Brake  
Dave & Kathy Cotner  
Kevin & Carolyn Davis  
Ken & Karen Dial  
Paui Eikens  
First Security Bank  
Cynthia Fritch  
Roger & Heidi Furlong  
Grantland Colorado Gulch Assoc.  
Grantland Landowners Assoc.  
Jeff & Wendy Haller  
Ladd & Vicki Lincoln  
Greg Lind  
Bert Lindler  
C. Paul & Beth Loehnen  
Mike & Lori Morin  
Neptune Aviation Services, Inc.  
Scott Nicolarsen  
Jim & Laurie Randall  
The Schaub Foundation - Annie Schaub  
Chris & Wes Spiker  
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Peter & Kristen Von Doersten  
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Kyle & Michelle Lingscheit  
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Frank & Margaret Allen Justin & Jenna Hubbard Annie Schaub
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Linda Bailey Marsha Rose Katz Michael Size & Shannon Maloney
Bruce Beighle Robert & Elaine Kennett Larry & Kristin Stayner
George & Nancy Bernius James Krausch Christopher & Lori Stroup
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Cynthia Boise David & Emily Lauchner William Tanke
Kate Boronina Linda Jean Lee Kimberly & Michael Thomas
Michael & Daphine Braun Dennis & Nancy Lerum Mr. & Mrs. John Tibbs
Clare Brownlee Gregg Lundin Nikolaus Uhlenbruck
Wayne Burnham & Denalie Bruins Ethel MacDonald James & Cathryn Ulrich
Colleen & Jerry Cebula Tony & Carol Marino Bob & Sally Warner
Lane Coddington Mike McKay Beth Warren
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Jonathan & Emily Herrick Mark Reinsel
Jordan Hess Larry & Carolyn Renman
Emily Heyerdahl David Richhart
Alayne Hilditch & Lynne Eggart Richard & Carla Rister
Ronald & Karen Hoff Misty Schaff

Phase One

City Trail Portion - RMEF to City/County Line Payment processing generously sponsored by: Big Sky Commerce
  Total Construction Estimate (2010 costs) $1,094,000  
  CTEP Grant (FY 2011/2012) ($877,000)  
  Matching Open Space Bond funds ($76,000)  
  Matching cash donations received so far ($70,000)  
  Fundraising Goal: Match (including 25% contingency) $140,000  

Phase Two County Trail Portion - City/County Line to Snowbowl Road

  Total Construction Estimate (2010 costs) $908,306  
  CTEP Grant (Not obligated at this time) ($802,434)  
  Match possibly required for County portion of trail $105,872  

Q: What is the Grant Creek Trail?
A: The proposed Grant Creek Trail is will be a 3.3-mile, 8’-wide asphalt non-motorized trail to be used to safely commute, recreate, and exercise, that connects neighborhoods in the Grant Creek Valley. 

Q: “Where is the trail going?”
A: The trail is planned to be located on the west side of Grant Creek Road beginning at the north end of the existing trail on the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF). The trail will vary in its distance from Grant Creek Road as it makes its way north and will also follow Old Grant Creek Road through the Creekside Subdivision. The first phase of construction is planned to carry the trail from RMEF to somewhere near the City/County line (about 2 miles). The second phase of construction in the County will complete the trail to Snowbowl Road (about 1 mile).

Q: What is the Grant Creek Trails Association?
A: The Grant Creek Trails Association, Inc. (GCTA) was started in 2007 as an off-shoot of the Grant Creek Neighborhood Council. It is a non-member organization of volunteers made up of Grant Creek residents who support the trail. GCTA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit raising matching funds to leverage Federal Transportation dollars to design and construct the trail.

Q: “Why do we have to raise the match?”
A: Use of Federal funding allows a community to substantially increase its ability to fund public projects. The local community is responsible for about 14% of the project cost and the Federal funds cover the remaining 86%. In this way the financial burden on the community is greatly reduced. For the Grant Creek Trail project, this arrangement applies to the design and construction of the 2 mile City segment and will also be the funding method for the County portion of the trail.

Q: “Are Grant Creek residents expected to fund this entire trail?”
A: No. Funding the trail has been and will continue to be a partnering effort between the City and County and Grant Creek Valley residents. To date, the Grant Creek community has shown notable support through the donation of trail easements and the donation of some trail construction. Additionally, the GCTA has obtained grants from Fish Wildlife and Parks to conduct some of the preliminary work that has been done. GCTA was also instrumental in securing funding from the City/County Open Space Bond. That funding covered consultant fees during easement acquisitions and will fund a portion of the trail’s "cost to cure" items such as moving fencing.

As stated above, the community is responsible for raising about 14% of the design and construction costs of the 2 mile City segment of the trail. GCTA continues to work toward that goal with the support of Parks.

Q: “Is my donation tax deductible?”
A: Yes. GCTA is a charitable non-profit 501(c)(3). You will receive a receipt for tax purposes. Please consult with your tax professional on the details.

Q: “Can I pay by credit card?”
A: Yes. Our website takes all major credit cards. 

Q: “Can I make payment installments?”
A: We are not set up for installment payments; however, we would work with you on a “reminder” system, where we can email you a reminder to make your payment. 

Q: “How will the trail be maintained?”
A: The trail will be a City owned and operated facility. As such, the City will maintain the trail. Additionally, the City has agreed to maintain the County portion of the trail when it is completed. 

Q: “Why isn’t this on the east side of the road?”
A: The 45 mph speed limit, curves in the road and short sight lines of Grant Creek Road make trail crossings difficult to site and potentially dangerous. In the interest of public safety, the trail is planned to be located on the west side of Grant Creek Road in its entirety. Additionally, a study was conducted in 2008 that found the costs associated with an east-side route to be potentially much higher than the west-side due to the need to relocate several major utilities.

Q: “How will the trail affect my property value?”
A: There have been studies that show properties near trails have values maintain or increase. Homes next to trails maintain their values. Potential home buyers find a community trail attractive and consider it a positive when considering a home. More info can be found on this at the following links:

Q: “What happens to my money if there is no trail?”
A: In the very unlikely event there is no trail, we will reimburse donations. We hope to continue creating trails in the Grant Creek corridor; however, and would use donated funds for future trails. 

Q: “Why isn’t the entire trail being built at once?”
A: GCTA has always viewed this trail as one unit. That said, the total 3.3 mile trail is broken up into the southern 2 mile City segment and the northern 1.3 mile County segment. The City’s Federal funding is available to begin construction in 2012 and the County’s is not available until 2015. The City and County are both committed to constructing their portions of the trail and have scheduled their segments of the project based on the Federal funding source.

Q: “Will I be asked to donate again in the future for the county segment?”
A: Historically, the county has not needed to raise matching funds for their Federal grants, since they have the man-power and machinery to use as a match. To date, the County has told GCTA that they do not plan on needing matching funds as the City does, but we may need to be prepared for any changes in policy/practice.

GCTA Board & Volunteers

Kevin Davis, President Dave Cotner
Karen Sippy, Treasurer Bert Lindler
Wen Beardsley, Secretary Paul Moseley
Kim Birck Dennis Muth

P.O. Box 16358 | Missoula, MT 59808-6358


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